Church Architecture and Decoration

St. Thomas's Architectural Heritage

Founded in 1874, St. Thomas Anglican Church is one of the country's oldest Anglo-Catholic parishes, renowned for its liturgical and musical traditions. The congregation moved to the current building in 1893. Designed by eminent architect and parishioner Eden Smith (1858-1949), it is an exceptional example of Arts and Crafts style. Highlights include elegant woodwork, a hammer-beam roof and a stunning reredos with hand-carved statues of nine saints.

The Memorial First World War Baptistery (1922), also designed by Smith, is an octagonal space graced with stained glass windows by Archibald John Davies (1877-1953) of the Bromsgrove Guild, U.K.

The distinguished heraldic artist and calligrapher Alexander Scott Carter (1881-1968) decorated the interior with plaques commemorating 35 parishioners who died in the war.

The church received a City of Toronto heritage designation in 1988.

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