Choral Families on Tour

We have many family members on tour together, but did you know that we have three choral couples and one entire family in the choir?

Alto Diana Tuttle and organist and choirmaster John Tuttle (their sons David and Jamie also sing at St. Thomas's)


Alto Anna Kennedy and tenor Rob Kennedy, who met at U of T and "courted" while singing under John Tuttle's direction in the choir at St. Paul's Bloor Street, Toronto. They were married at St. Paul's in 1978.


Bass Andy Coultes and soprano lead Suzanne Coultes, who met as members of the Hart House Chorus (U of T), which John Tuttle conducted.


And how amazing to have an entire family in the choir! From left: bass John Meadows, soprano Julia Meadows, alto lead Janice Kerkkamp and alto Laura Meadows. Janice and John met via Janice's singing teacher, and Janice has sung in several of John Tuttle's other choirs as well, including the Hart House Chorus and the Exultate Chamber Singers. John occasionally performs musical theatre with the Alexander Singers, and both girls grew up singing in the Bach Children's Chorus. 


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