Children’s Education

"Let the Children Come"

Welcome to the St. Thomas’s Church School!

The St. Thomas’s Church School takes place from September to June during the 11:00 am Eucharist, and is designed for the 4 to 11 age group. We take the graduates who toddle over from the nursery, one room over.

The parents of visiting or first-time participants are more than welcome to stay with us in the room until the children are comfortable with the new environment.

The main components of the Sunday School structure include the following:

1. Ongoing projects

Creating their own detailed, page-by-page Personalized Service Booklet; exploring the sights, sounds, symbols, prayers, songs, and colours of the liturgy.

2. Games

Fun ways to help the children explore the Bible, Jesus’ miracles, Jesus’ parables, Jesus’ teachings centred on kindness, and the Christian calendar.

3. Songs

Hymns, African-American spirituals, canons, songs with gestures and sign language.

4. Bible stories

Where appropriate, the older children read to the younger ones.

5. Prayers

Including learning central prayers such as The Lord's Prayer, as well as learning to create their own.

6. Involvement with the parish

Bake sales to raise money for the offering, pageants, participation in the liturgy, and other activities that allow the children and the congregation at large to interact.

7. Crafts

Hands-on learning with their own added creativity.


The back pew on the north side is reserved for the Sunday School, for when they partake in the service. There, you will see their Lord's Prayer banner.

The Church School Co-Ordinator and teacher is Siobhán Dungan.

If you have any questions, please contact St. Thomas's Church at or 416-979-2323.