Father Mark Andrews

Father Mark Andrews has been a priest since 1993 and has served in the dioceses of Saskatchewan and Toronto. While appointed to the congregation of St Alban's Cathedral, Prince Albert, Fr Andrews also served a small congregation ministering to the Cree population in the west end of that city. He participated in camping, youth, ecumenical, and various prison ministries. Later he returned to his native Toronto and was rector of St Aidan's, in the Beach area. In a lay capacity, Fr Andrews assisted in both single and multi-point parishes in Nova Scotia, and ran youth camps in Prince Edward Island and an inner-city day camp at All Saints', Ashmont, in Boston.

Fr Andrews studied at the University of King's College, Halifax, and at Wycliffe College, Toronto. He serves on two committees of the Anglican Foundation: the Saint Basil the Great Scholarship, which promotes greater understanding between the Anglican Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church of the East, by sponsoring exchanges between members; and the Catholic and Apostolic Trust, which awards bursaries and scholarships to theological students. Fr Andrews is an avid sailor.