Parish Library

St. Thomas's Parish Library is located in the parish hall. It is open on Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. All parishioners have borrowing privileges. Borrowing is on an honour system. 

About the Library

In April 2017, after a number of years of being unavailable, the St. Thomas's library opened once again.

David Jones of the library committee has completely recatalogued and computerized the collection. After a visit to an admirable church library at St. James Humber Bay, the committee decided to purchase ResourceMate, a popular library-management system that will serve us well into the future. Not only did it aid David in his recataloguing, giving him access to the records of the Library of Congress and other sources, but it will also allow us to manage our own records and handle circulation through a bar-code system as we grow the collection. David has input each volume in the system, assigning the bar codes and applying them to the books. He has also applied very handsome plastic protective covers to most of the volumes. Over the year of his labours, David has rediscovered a love of cataloguing, dormant since his library-school days. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The library committee – parishioners David Jones, Pat Kennedy, Jeff Creighton, Felicity Pickup (pictured at right, checking out a book for Bonnie McKenzie), and Catherine Spence, library-science graduates all – are staffing the library every Sunday after the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services (with possible reduced hours in the summer). Please drop by and browse the collection. We welcome questions and suggestions.

While we welcome donations, given our space and efforts to represent various areas, we must reserve the right to be selective. Our main aim is to present a collection that provides parishioners with titles that will support them in living as Christians and understanding both their Christian faith and its Anglican expression. We will also do what we can to respond to the needs of church-related courses and discussions.

Check it out (literally)!

– Pat Kennedy

Notes on the Collection

The collection is an interesting one. It contains Biblical, historical theology and spirituality-prayer material. Notably, there is a great selection of biography of leaders of the church throughout history, ranging from Merton to Melancthon. We do have an excellent representation of Anglican leaders and thinkers. We are strong in the topics of historical theology and biography, and prayer and spirituality.


If you would like to donate to the library, please contact the church office at and we will arrange to meet you.


The Parish Library Catalogue

Title Author Subject
100th Archbishop of Canterbury , The Simpson, James B. Religious biography: Michael Ramsey
20th Century Christianity Neill, Stephen Monasticism
20th Century Defenders of the Faith Vidler, Alec R. Apologetics
20th century men of prayer Gibbard, Mark Religious biography
365 devotions Wilmoth, Eileen H. Devotional
Abba: Meditations Underhill, Evelyn Meditations
Abba: Meditations Underhill, Evelyn Meditations
Abbey , An Unstead, R. J. Churches
Abbeys Richards, I. Churches
Abbeys Monasteries and Churches of Great Britain Bottomley, Frank Churches
Abingdon Bible Commentary Eiselen, Frederick Carl Bible: commentaries
Abolition of man , The Lewis, C. S. Natural law
About Christ Temple, William Jesus Christ
Abraham: a journey to the heart of three faiths Feiler, Bruce Abraham
Acceptable time , An L'Engle, Madeleine Fiction
Achievement of Christina Rosetti Kent, David Poetry
Acts of the apostles , The Rieu, C.H. Bible
Acts of the apostles , The Barclay, William Bible: study
Adult child at Christmas, An Brown, Raymond E. Jesus Christ - Nativity
Adventure of faith , The Andrew, Father Faith
Affirmations of God and man Fuller, Edmund Christianity: philosophy
After God: the Future of Religion Cupitt, Don Religion - Philosophy
After life , The Pardue, Austin Future life
Age of belief , The Fremantle, Anne Christianity: philosophy
Alive Again: Recession and Recovery in the Church Stackhouse, Reginald Church renewal
All hallows' eve Williams, Charles Fiction
All the blessings of this life Riley, Charles Edward Clergy: Anglican communion
All things in Christ Faricy, Robert Pierre, Teilhard de Chardin
Allow the Water: anger, fear, power, work--- Desroches, Leonard Nonviolence
Alone of all her sex Warner, Marina Virgin Mary
Altar and pew Betjeman, John Poetry
amazing grace Norris, Kathleen Christian life
Ambassador for Christ Barclay, William St. Paul
American cloister , An Hughson, Shirley C. Monasticism
Anam Cara O'Donohue, John Celts
Anatomy of the Catholic Church , The Noel, Gerard Church history
And God Spoke: the authority of the bible for the ch Bryan, Christopher Bible: authority, evidences
And Jesus said Barclay, William Jesus Christ: parables
And the life everlasting Baillie, Donald M. Future life
Anglican Church in Canada Carrington, Philip History: Anglican communion
Anglican Church Plate Gilchrist, James Christian art & symbolism
Anglican Essentials Egerton, George Anglicanism
Anglican Essentials: Reclaiming Faith Anglican Church of Canada
Anglican Services Lamburn, E. C. R. Liturgy
Anglican spiritual tradition, , The Moorman, J.H.R. Anglicanism
Anglican tradition , The Holloway, Richard Anglicanism
Anglican view of the Vatican Council , An Pawley, Bernard C. Ecclesiology
Anglican Way , The Baycroft, John Anglicanism
Anglicanism Neill, Stephen History: Anglican communion
Anglicanism and the universal church Howe, John Anglicanism
Anguish of the Jews, The Flannery, Edward H. Jews - Persecutions
Animals in the Bible , The Pinney, Roy Bible: natural history
Annex: story of a Toronto neighbourhood Batten, Jack Annex (Toronto)
Anthology for Lent , An Chambers, P. Franklin Meditations
Anthology of the love of God Underhill, Evelyn God
Apocryphal New Testament , The James, Montague R. Bible: NT apocrypha
Apologia Pro Vita Sua Newman, John Henry Apologetics
Apostles' creed interpreted: words & pictures Wiersma, J.T. Apostles' Creed
Apostles' Creed, The Packer, J.I. Apostles Creed
Apostles' creed: an introduction , The Walsh, Chad Apostles' Creed
Apprentices in love Gibbard, Mark Sermons
Approaching Easter: meditations for Lent Huggett, Joyce Lent
Aquinas Copleston, F.C. St. Thomas Aquinas
Archbishop Grindal Collinson, Patrick Religious biography: Grindal
Arising from the Psalms Morgan, Dewi Old Testament: criticism
Aristocracy of soul: Patrick of Ireland O'Donoghue, Noel Dermot Religious biography
Art of mental prayer , The Frost, Bede Meditation
Art of prayer , The Charitan, Igumen Prayer
Art of the spirit Pringle, Joan Art: Liturgical textile
Arts in Coventry Cathedral , The Churches
Asian Journals of Thomas Merton Merton, Thomas Merton, Thomas
Asking the fathers Squire, Aelred Meditations
At all times and in all places Shepherd, M.H. Eucharist; Holy communion
At Home in Mitford Karon, Jan Fiction
Athletes for God Hughson, Shirley C. Saints
Atlantic Canada to 1900 Millman, Thomas R. Anglican Church of Canada
Atonement , The Wand, J.W.C. Atonement
Augustine of Hippo Brown, Peter Religious biography
Augustine synthesis Praywara, Erich Theology
Augustine's Later Works Burnaby, John Theology
Authority of the Bible , The Dodd, C. H. Bible: commentaries
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin Franklin, Benjamin Religious biography
Autumn Rain at Taylor Flats adn other poems Astle, David Select Subject
Awakening of the soul , The Inge, William R. Mysticism
Babylonian Woe Astle, David Select Subject
Babylonian woe , The Astle, David Economics
Baker's pocket Bible concordance Bible: concordances
Basic sources of the Judaeo-Christian tradition Berthold, Fred Judaism & Christianity
Bath Abbey Churches
Battle for God Armstrong, Karen Church history
Battle for God Armstrong, Karen Judaism - History
Battle for God Armstrong, Karen Islam
Be Not Afraid Vanier, Jean Christian life
Be still and know Ramsay, Michael Prayer
Beauty of the Lord Austin, Richard C. Nature: religious aspects
Becoming an Anglican Patey, Edward H. Christian life
Becoming human Vanier, Jean Humanity
Becoming what I am Williams A.A. Prayer
Beginning the Old Testament Routley, Erik Old Testament: commentaries
Beginning to pray Bloom, Anthony Prayer
Behind Rite & Ceremony Lamburn, E. C. R. Rites and ceremonies
Behold the Christ Bainton, Roland H. Jesus Christ: art
Belief in God in an Age of Science Polkinghorse, John Religion and science
Belief of Catholics , The Knox, Ronald A. Theology
Belief of Christendom , The Burnaby, John Creeds
Benefits of his passion Dodd, C. H. Christian teaching: 20th century
Benefits of His Passion Hunt, Desmond Meditations
Benson of Cowley Smith, Martin L. History: Anglican communion
Best Spiritual Writing 1999 Zaleski, Philip Spirituality
Beyond belief Holloway, Richard God
Beyond Belief: the secret gospel of Thomas Pagels, Elaine Gospel of Thomas
Beyond personality Lewis, C. S. Theology
Beyond religion? Ramsey, Arthur Michael Christianity: philosophy
Beyond tomorrow Ward, J. Neville Bible: NT commentaries
Beyond traplines Hendry, Charles E. Native peoples - Canada
Bible and Liturgy Danielou, Jean Liturgy
Bible for today's church , The Bennett, Robert A. Bible: criticism
Bible in the classroom , The Dale, Alan T. Religious education
Bible prayer book , The Geissler, Eugene S. Prayers
Bible: authorized version , The Stirling, John Bible
Bible: Faith and Evidence , The Bartlett, John Bible - Criticism, etc., interpretation
Bible: History & Culture of a People , The Lessing, Erich Old Testament
Biblical Authority Countryman, L. William authority, Bible - Evidences
Biblw Makes Sense , revised edition Brueggemann, Walter Bible - Criticism, etc., interpretation
Bishops' move Harper, Michael Jesus Christ: miracles
Bones of St. Peter , The Walsh, John Evangelist Apostles & saints
Book of a Thousand Prayers Ashwin, Angela Prayers
Book of Adam to Moses , The Segal, Lore Old Testament: Pentateuch
Book of Heaven: an anthology of writings ----- Zaleski, Carol Heaven - Literary Collections
Book of J , The Rosenberg, David Old Testament
Book of J, The Rosenberg, David Bible: O.T. Criticism
Book of Kells , The Brown, Peter Christian art & symbolism
Book of the acts of God , The Wright, G.E. Bible: criticism
Book of the Bible , The Bible: history, geography
Bread in the wilderness Merton, Thomas Old Testament: commentaries
Bread of Angels Taylor, Barbara Brown American, Sermons
Bridge builders , The Rice, Hugh A. Religious biography
Brink of mystery , The Farrer, Austin Liturgy
Broadcast talks Lewis, C. S. Ethics
Broken body , The Vanier, Jean Suffering
Brother Anselmo Glaser, Dorothy Fiction
Brother of Jesus: the dramatic story & meaning --- Shanks, Hershel Brother of the Lord, James
Buckfast Abbey Church Churches
Building the earth De Chardin, Teilhard Poetry
Business of Heaven , The Lewis, C. S. Apologetics
But that I can't believe! Robinson, John A. T. Theology
By an unknown disciple Anglicanism
By grace co-workers Hayes, Alan L. History: Diocese of Toronto
By means of death Fosbroke, Hughell E.W. Jesus Christ: seven last words
Byzantine Daily Worship Raya, Joseph Liturgy
C. S. Lewis Readings for Reflection & Meditation Lewis, C. S. editor, Hooper, Walter
C.S. Lewis and the search Beversluis, John Theology
Calendar of Saints , A Bentley, James Saints
Call of the plantain eater , The Maclure, Hugh L. Personal narrative
Called to full communion Anglican Church of Canada, The Christian unity
Cambridge sermons Stockwood, Mervyn Sermons
Can a Bishop be Wrong? Moore, Peter C. John Shelby, Spong
Can we trust the Old Testament? Neil, William Old Testament: criticism
Can women be priests? Lakeland, Paul Ecclesiology
Canada crisis , The Hall, Douglas Church: social problems
Canadian book of occasional offices Sexton, Harold E. Liturgy
Canadian Psalter , The Liturgy
Canterbury Cathedral Shirley, John Churches
Canterbury pilgrim Ramsey, Arthur Michael Christianity
Care for the dying Gentles, Ian Future life
Care of the soul Moore, Thomas Psychology, Religious
Care of the Soul Moore, Thomas Spiritual Life
Caring for the dying Hall, Beverly Illness & death
Caring for the world Walker, Alan Christian teaching: 20th century
Case for Christianity , The Chapman, Colin Apologetics
Catechism of the Catholic Church Catechisms
Cathedral MaCaulay, David Churches
Cathedral and Crusade (2 vols) Daniel-Rops, Henri Church history
Cathedral architecture Briggs, Martin S. Churches
Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine Hall, Edward H. Religious buildings: cathedrals
Cathedrals of Britain Edwards, David L. Cathedrals - Great Britain
Cathedrals of England , The Batsford, Harry Churches
Cathedrals of England , The Clifton-Taylor, Alec Church architecture
Cathedrals of England 2v. Pevsner, Nikolaus Cathedrals - Great Britain
Catholic church and Anglican orders , The Clark, Francis Holy orders
Catholic church in the modern world , The Hales, E.E.Y. Theology: social
Catholic loyalism in Elizabethan England Pritchard, Arnold Catholics: England
Catholics & orthodox: can they unite? Englert, Clement E. Ecclesiology
Celebration of Faith , A Farrer, Austin Christian teaching: 20th century
Centuries Traherne, Thomas Christian life
Ceremonies of Holy Church Cauldwell, Irene Liturgy
Chalice and the sword , The Raymond, Ernest Fiction
Challenge of Tradition: Discerning the Future , The Simons, John Anglican Church of Canada
Charismatic Christ , The Ramsey, Arthur Michael Jesus Christ
Charles Inglis, Missionary Harris, Reginald V. Religious biography
Charles Lowder & the Ritualist movement Ellsworth, L.E. Religious biography
Charles Simeon of Cambridge Hopkins, H. E. Religious biography
Chester Cathedral Addleshaw, G.W.O. Churches
Child is born , A Shepherd, J. Barrie Meditations
Child of peace, Lord of life O'Driscoll, Herbert Bible: criticism
Christ acts through sacraments Roguet, A.M. Sacraments
Christ Church, Oxford Churches
Christ is alive! Quoist, Michael Christian teaching: 20th century
Christ our passover Martin, John T. Liturgy
Christ our Passover: meditations on the mystery of Reynolds, Stephen Lent