Parish Library

St. Thomas's Parish Library is located in the parish hall. It is open on Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. All parishioners have borrowing privileges. Borrowing is on an honour system. 

About the Library

In April 2017, after a number of years of being unavailable, the St. Thomas's library opened once again.

David Jones of the library committee has completely recatalogued and computerized the collection. After a visit to an admirable church library at St. James Humber Bay, the committee decided to purchase ResourceMate, a popular library-management system that will serve us well into the future. Not only did it aid David in his recataloguing, giving him access to the records of the Library of Congress and other sources, but it will also allow us to manage our own records and handle circulation through a bar-code system as we grow the collection. David has input each volume in the system, assigning the bar codes and applying them to the books. He has also applied very handsome plastic protective covers to most of the volumes. Over the year of his labours, David has rediscovered a love of cataloguing, dormant since his library-school days. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The library committee – parishioners David Jones, Pat Kennedy, Jeff Creighton, Felicity Pickup (pictured at right, checking out a book for Bonnie McKenzie), and Catherine Spence, library-science graduates all – are staffing the library every Sunday after the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services (with possible reduced hours in the summer). Please drop by and browse the collection. We welcome questions and suggestions.

While we welcome donations, given our space and efforts to represent various areas, we must reserve the right to be selective. Our main aim is to present a collection that provides parishioners with titles that will support them in living as Christians and understanding both their Christian faith and its Anglican expression. We will also do what we can to respond to the needs of church-related courses and discussions.

Check it out (literally)!

– Pat Kennedy

Notes on the Collection

The collection is an interesting one. It contains Biblical, historical theology and spirituality-prayer material. Notably, there is a great selection of biography of leaders of the church throughout history, ranging from Merton to Melancthon. We do have an excellent representation of Anglican leaders and thinkers. We are strong in the topics of historical theology and biography, and prayer and spirituality.


If you would like to donate to the library, please contact the church office at and we will arrange to meet you.


The Parish Library Catalogue

Title Author Subject
English Abbey , The Crossley, Fred H. Monasticism
English benedictional , An Tutlock, Richard Prayers
English bible, The Bruce, F.F. Bible - Versions
English cathedrals Harvey, John Churches
English catholic church in the 19th century Norman, Edwin R. Church history
English Church craftsmanship Crossley, Fred H. Art
English church design Crossley, Fred H. Church architecture
English churches Clarke, Basil Churches
English parish churches Hutton, Graham Church architecture
English reformation to 1558 , The Parker, T.M. Church history
Enjoying the New Testament Monro, Margaret T. Bible: NT commentaries
Enter with joy Bayne, Stephen Christian teaching: 20th century
Ephesians: a positive affirmation Griffith, Leonard New Testament: commentaries
Epistle of Paul to the Romans , The Dodd, C. H. New Testament: commentaries
Epistle to the Church of the 20th century Pacifism
Epistle to the Romans , The Barth, Karl New Testament: commentaries
Epistle to the Romans , The Hunter, Alan M. New Testament: commentaries
Epistles & Gospels for Sundays & Holy days Liturgy
Epistles of St. Paul explained , The Cantinat, Jean C.M. New Testament: commentaries
Era in Anglican theology , An Ramsey, Arthur Michael Theology
Eric Milner-White Pare, Philip Religious biography
Eruption to Hope Vanier, Jean Ethics
Escape from loneliness Tournier, Paul Illness & death
Essential Augustine , The Bourke, V Theology
Essentials of mysticism , The Underhill, Evelyn Mysticism
Eternal Now Tillich, Paul Liturgy
Ethics Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Ethics
Ethics in a permissive society Barclay, William Ethics
Ethics of Aristotle , The Thomson, J.A.K. Philosophy
Eucharistic meditations Vianney, Jean Meditations
Eucharistic prayers from ancient liturgies Underhill, Evelyn Liturgy: ancient
Eucharistic Reservation in the Western Church King, Archdale A. Eucharist; Holy communion
Eucharistic sacrifice Packer, J.I. Eucharist; Holy communion
Eucharistic Sacrifice and the Reformation Clark, Francis Eucharist, Holy Communion
Eucharistic way , The Baycroft, John Eucharist; Holy communion
Evelyn Underhill, 1875-1941 Armstrong, Christopher Religious biography
Evelyn Underhill: artist of the infinite life Greene, Dana Evelyn, Underhill
Everlasting man , The Chesterton, G.K. Apologetics
Every day with William Barclay Barclay, William Devotional literature
Every earthly blessing de Waal, Esther Spiritual Life
Everyone in the Bible Barker, William P. Bible: biographies
Except the Dying Jennings, Maureen Fiction
Existence and analogy Mascall, Eric L. Theism
Experiencing God: theology as spirituality Leech, Kenneth Spirituality
Eye of the eagle: meditations on "Be thou my vision" Adam, David Meditations
Faber Book of Religious Verse , The Gardner, Helen Poetry
Facets of Faith:---Christian spirituality Jones, W.Paul Spiritual life - Christianity
Fact of the resurrection , The Drinkwater, F.H. Resurrection
Faith and reason Micklem, Nathaniel Philosophy & religion
Faith for today , A Platten, T.G. Christian life
Faith in our time Seaborn, Robert L. Devotional
Faith in the New Millenium Marmur, Rabbi Faith
Faith of our own , A Davison, Peter Christianity
Faith of the people of God , The Macquarrie, John Theology: doctrinal
Faith, history, & practice of the Church Eaton, Albert William Church of England
Family nights Reilly, Terry Family: prayer books & devotions
Family prayers Prayers
Fern-seed & Elephants Lewis, C. S. Ethics
Final report , The Doctrine: Anglican communion
Finding God in all things Hebblethwaite, Margaret Meditations
Finding grace at the center Keating, Thomas Prayer
Finding Jesus O'Collins, Gerald Bible: NT commentaries
Finite and infinite Farrer, Austin Philosophy & religion
Fire of love & The mending of life , The Rolle, Richard Mysticism
Fire of love , The Rolle, Richard Mysticism
Firm faith , A Hemming, David Sermons
Firm foundation , A Rayson, R.S. Christian teaching: 20th century
Firmly I believe and truly Leonard, Graham Apologetics
Five for sorrow ten for joy Ward, J. Neville Christian life
Five makers of the New Testament Coggan, Donald New Testament: inspiration
Flesh and spirit Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Florence, her art and her beauty Bonechi, Edoardo Art
Flowering of the soul - a book of prayers by women Vardey, Lucinda Women - Prayer-books
Follow in His Footprints Green, Michael Apologetics
Following Jesus: First Steps on the Way Percy, Harold Christian life
Following Jesus: First steps on the way Percy, Harold Christian life
Foolishness to the Greeks Milford, T.R. Church history
For Christ's sake Harpur, Tom Jesus Christ
For the brotherhood of man Spink, Kathryn Mother, Teresa of Calcutta
Forgotten Among the Lilies Rolheiser, Ronald Spirituality - Catholic Church
Founder of Christianity , The Dodd, C. H. Church history
Four existentialist theologians Herberg, Will Philosophy
Four great heresies , The Wand, J.W.C. Church history
Four Loves Lewis, C. S. Christian life
Fragments grave & gay Barth, Karl Christian teaching: 20th century
Francis book , The Gasnick, Roy M. St. Francis
Francis of Assisi Longford, Lord Religious biography
Francis of Assisi Nigg, Walter St. Francis
Francis: the journey and the dream Bodo, Murray Religious biography
Freedom, faith and the future Ramsey, Arthur Michael Apologetics
Friday afternoon Ward, J. Neville Jesus Christ: Passion
Friendship With God Hope, David Lent
Friendship with God Blake, Amy E. Meditations
From Creation to Resurrection Gefvert, Constance Joanna Easter
From Strength to Strength:daily meditations in Lent Ford, D.W. Cleverley Lent
Frontiers of the church Herklots H. G. Church history
Frontiers then and now Anglican Book Centre Ecclesiology
Fruit of the spirit , The Lee, Olivia Poetry
Fruits of the Spirit Underhill, Evelyn Spiritual Life
Future of Christianity McGrath, Alister Christianity - Forecasting
Future of man , The De Chardin, Teilhard Future life
Gateway to God Weil, Simone Christianity: philosophy
Gateway to the Middle Ages - monasticism Duckett, Eleanor Shipley Monasticism
Generous Living Finton, Heather Lay Ministry
Genesee Diary , The Nouwen, Henri J.M. Spiritual Life
Genesis 12 - 50 Davidson, Robert Old Testament: commentaries
Genesis, volume 1 Gibson, John C.L. Old Testament: commentaries
Genesis: a living conversation Moyers, Bill D. Bible: O.T. Genesis
Geometry of Love: space, time mystery & meaning--- Visser, Margaret Church architecture
George Macleod Hobden, Sheila M. Religious biography
Gerard Manley Hopkins Bergonzi, B Religious biography
Giants cut down to size Read, David H.C. Christian teaching: 20th century
Giants of the faith O'Brien, John A. Religious biography
Gift of courage , The Wilkes, James Suffering
Gift of Light , A Andrew, Father Christianity
Gifts of the Jews, The Cahill, Thomas Judaism - History
Girls Fall Down Helwig, Maggie Fiction
Give comfort to my people Dolan, Joseph M. Aged
Given to God: Daily readings with Evelyn Underhill Underhill, Evelyn Mysticism
Glass of Vision Farrer, Austin Apologetics
Glorious Companions: 5 centuries of Anglican Spiritu Schmidt, Richard H. Anglicanism
Glory of God , The Ramsey, Arthur Michael Theology
Gnostic Gospels Pagels, Elaine Gnosticism
Go in peace Manasses Confession
God Against the Gods - the history of the war --- Kirsch, Jonathon God
God and myself Graef, Hilda Theology: John Henry Newman
God and secularity MacQuarrie, John God
God and the poets Daiches, David Poetry
God and the rhetoric of sexuality Trible, Phyllis Old Testament: commentaries
God have mercy Macklem, Michael Religious biography: John Fisher
God in the dock Lewis, C. S. Ethics
God is not dead Farrer, Austin God
God of surprises Hughes, Gerard W. Christian life
God so loved the world Goudge, Elizabeth Jesus Christ: biography
God was in Christ Baillie, Donald M. Jesus Christ: divinity
God We Never Knew , The Borg, Marcus J. Jesus Christ
God's revolution and man's responsibility Cox, Harvey Theology
God's Secretaries: the making of the King James Bibl Nicolson, Adam Bible: history, geography
God's way with man Dix, Gregory Jesus Christ: Passion
God's world Huddleston, Trevor Christian teaching: 20th century
God's young church Barclay, William Church history
God, Christ and the world Ramsey, Arthur Michael Theology
God, history & the historians McIntire, C.T. Theology: history
God, Kids and us; the growing edge of ministry Gibner, Janet Marshall Christian education of children
Godless Morality: keeping religion out of ethics Holloway, Richard Ethics
Going Home - an invitstion to jubilee Griswold, Frank T. Christian life
Gold is for Ornaments and Paper these can never be Astle, David Select Subject
Good and evil Buber, Martin Judaism
Good book: reading the Bible with mind and heart, Th Gomes, Peter J. Bible - Criticism, etc., interpretation
Good news for modern man Bible
Good news in Acts Edwards, David L. Bible: NT commentaries
Good News in John Webster, Douglas New Testament: commentaries
Good News of Jesus: Reintroducing the Gospel Countryman, L. William Jesus Christ - Person and Offices
Good news People Percy, Harold Evangelistic work
Good News to the Poor De Santa Julio Theology: social
Gospel according to John , The Hunter, Alan M. Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel according to St. John , The Tasker, R.V.G. Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel and the Catholic Church Ramsey, Arthur Michael Christian unity
Gospel characters Griffith, Leonard Bible: NT biography
Gospel in slow motion , The Knox, Ronald A. Devotional
Gospel of John (vols 1&2) , The Barclay, William Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of John: a Commentary Buttmann, Rudolf Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of Matthew Barclay, William Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of Moses , The Schultz, Samuel Old Testament
Gospel of St. John , The Marsh, John Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of St. Luke , The Caird, George B. Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of St. Mark , The Nineham, Dennis Eric Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of St. Matthew , The Fenton, J.C. Bible: NT commentaries
Gospel of Thomas Meyer, Marvin Gospel of Thomas
Gospel of Thomas and Christian wisdom Davies, Stevan Gospel of Thomas
Gospel parallels Throckmorton, B.H. Bible: study
Gospel tradition and its beginnings , The Riesenfeld, Harald New Testament: commentaries
Gospels - in the Moffatt translation , The Bible
Grace and glory Mascall, Eric L. Ethics
Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer Guthrie, Suzanne Church year meditations
Grammar of assent , A Newman, John Henry Belief & doubt
Gratefulness the Heart of Prayer Staendl-Rast, David Prayer
Great Cathedrals Horizon Magazine Churches
great code , The Frye, Northrop Bible & literature
Great themes of Scripture: Old Testament Rohr, Richard Old Testament: criticism
Great themes of the New Testament Barclay, William Bible: NT criticism
Great Transformation; the beginning ---religious tra Armstrong, Karen Religion - History
Great words of the Christian faith Coggan, Donald Christian life
Greater English Church Batsford, Harry Church architecture
Greater trumps , The Williams, Charles Fiction
Greatest song: in critique of Solomon , The Seerfeld, Calvin Song of Solomon (music)
Greek mosaics of the Byzantine period Art
Gregorian Chant: Songs of the Spirit Smith, Huston Chants
Grief observed , A Lewis, C. S. Spiritual healing
Groundwork for unity Hanson R.P.C. Christian unity
Groundwork of prayer , The Lumb, Reginald Christian teaching: 20th century
Growing in Newness of Life: Christian Initiation Holeton, David Liturgy
Guerrillas of Grace: prayers for the battle Loder, Ted Prayers
Guide book to the Bible , A Parmelee, Alice Bible
Guide to Canterbury Cathedral , A Churches
Guide to the scrolls , A Leaney, A.R.C. Qumran sect; early church history
Guide to Thomas Aquinas Pieper, Josef St. Thomas Aquinas
Guides to hidden springs Gibbard, Mark Religious biography
Halley's Bible handbook Halley, Henry H. Bible: commentaries
Hallowed walls: church architecture of Upper Canada MacRae, Marion Church architecture