Parish Library

St. Thomas's Parish Library is located in the parish hall. It is open on Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. All parishioners have borrowing privileges. Borrowing is on an honour system. 

About the Library

In April 2017, after a number of years of being unavailable, the St. Thomas's library opened once again.

David Jones of the library committee has completely recatalogued and computerized the collection. After a visit to an admirable church library at St. James Humber Bay, the committee decided to purchase ResourceMate, a popular library-management system that will serve us well into the future. Not only did it aid David in his recataloguing, giving him access to the records of the Library of Congress and other sources, but it will also allow us to manage our own records and handle circulation through a bar-code system as we grow the collection. David has input each volume in the system, assigning the bar codes and applying them to the books. He has also applied very handsome plastic protective covers to most of the volumes. Over the year of his labours, David has rediscovered a love of cataloguing, dormant since his library-school days. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The library committee – parishioners David Jones, Pat Kennedy, Jeff Creighton, Felicity Pickup (pictured at right, checking out a book for Bonnie McKenzie), and Catherine Spence, library-science graduates all – are staffing the library every Sunday after the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services (with possible reduced hours in the summer). Please drop by and browse the collection. We welcome questions and suggestions.

While we welcome donations, given our space and efforts to represent various areas, we must reserve the right to be selective. Our main aim is to present a collection that provides parishioners with titles that will support them in living as Christians and understanding both their Christian faith and its Anglican expression. We will also do what we can to respond to the needs of church-related courses and discussions.

Check it out (literally)!

– Pat Kennedy

Notes on the Collection

The collection is an interesting one. It contains Biblical, historical theology and spirituality-prayer material. Notably, there is a great selection of biography of leaders of the church throughout history, ranging from Merton to Melancthon. We do have an excellent representation of Anglican leaders and thinkers. We are strong in the topics of historical theology and biography, and prayer and spirituality.


If you would like to donate to the library, please contact the church office at and we will arrange to meet you.


The Parish Library Catalogue

Title Author Subject
Law of love , The Jeffrey, David L. Spiritual Life
Leaders of the Canadian Church Heeney, Bertal Religious biography
Learn to grow old Tournier, Paul Psychology: aged
Learning to know God Abbot of Nashdom New Testament: commentaries
Leaving Church: a memoir of faith Taylor, Barbara Brown Episcopalians
Lent with Evelyn Underhill Underhill, Evelyn Lent
Lenten pilgrimage , A Rosage, David E. Devotional
Lessons in living Cliffe, Albert E. Christian life
Lest innocent blood be shed Hallie, Philip World War II: French & Nazis
Let God arise Holloway, Richard Apologetics
Let Loose the Dogs Jennings, Maureen Fiction
Let Us Pray to the Lord; ------Orthodox Traditions Lemopoulos, Georges Prayers
Let's think it over Goodman, Morse Calendars: devotional
Letter of Paul to the Romans , The Best, Ernest New Testament: commentaries
Letter to the Hebrews , The Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Letter to the Romans , The Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Letters & papers from prison Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Lutheranism
Letters from a traveller De Chardin, Teilhard Letters
Letters from Egypt De Chardin, Teilhard Religious biography
Letters from the desert Carretto, Carlo Devotional
Letters of C.S. Lewis Lewis, W.H. Letters
Letters of direction De Tourville, Abbe Christian life
Letters of Evelyn Underhill Underhill, Evelyn Religious biography
Letters of James and Peter , The Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Letters of John and Jude Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Letters of Paul Cousar, Charles B. St. Paul
Letters to a Friend MacAulay, Rose Letters
Letters to a niece von Hugel, Friedrich Christianity: philosophy
Letters to Malcolm Lewis, C. S. Religious experience
Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians , The Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Letters to the seven churches Barclay, William Bible: NT commentaries
Letters to Young Churches Phillips, J.B. New Testament: commentaries
Liberating the Gospels: Spong, John Shelby Bible: NT Gospels - criticism
Liberating word , The Russell, Letty M. Bible: criticism
Life & letters of Father Andrew , The Burne, Kathleen Religious biography
Life after Death Harpur, Tom Immortality
Life after Death: a history of the afterlife in west Segal, Alan F. Future life
Life and death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer , The Bosanquet, Mary Religious biography
Life and Times of John Charles Roper Bradley, Wilfred Hankin John Charles, Roper
Life for a wanderer Greeley, Andrew M. Christian life
Life in Christ Killgallon, James Catechisms
Life is for loving Bishop, Hugh Sermons
Life of Christ in poetry , The Clark, Hopel Poetry
Life of Francis Paget Paget, Stephen Religious biography
Life of prayer , The Von Hugel, Friederich Spiritual Life
Life of Saint Teresa , The Teresa, St. Religious biography
Life of St. Dominic Jarrett, Bede Religious biography
Life of the Beloved Nouwen, Henri J. M. Spiritual Life
Light & life De Tourville, Abbe Theology
Light from the west Marnell, William H. Missions
Light in the Window , A Karon, Jan Fiction
Light of faith: the compendium of philosophy Aquinas, Thomas Saint, Thomas Aquinas
Light of the cross , The Huelin, Gordon Jesus Christ: Passion
Light within Freeman, Laurence Meditations
Lighting up the terrain Kent, David Poetry
Lindisfarne gospels Backhouse, Janet Bible: NT Gospels - criticism
Lindisfarne Gospels Backhouse, Janet Bible: NT Gospels - criticism
Lines of encouragement Northcott, Hubert Christian life
Listener's guide: medieval and renaissance music Henry, Derrick Music: history and criticism
Listening for God, v.2 Carlson, Paula J. Faith- Literary Collections
Listening hearts Farnham, Suzanne Vocation
Literary lineage of the King James Bible 1340-1611, Butterworth, Charles Bible - Versions
Little book of the contemplation of Christ , A Confraternity of St. Mary Devotional
Little flowers , The St. Francis of Assisi Religious biography
Little flowers of Saint Francis , The Brown, Raphael Religious biography
Little Flowers of St. Francis of Assisi , The Francis of Assisi, Saint
Liturgical movement , The Srawley, J.H. Liturgy
Liturgy and Society Hebert, A. G. Worship
Liturgy for living Price, Charles P. Liturgy
Liturgy today and tomorrow, The Gelineau, Joseph Liturgy
Lively Sacrifice , A Sly, Harold Eucharist; Holy communion
Lives of the Saints Webb, J.F. Religious biography: 6th & 7th centuries
Living Bible , The Taylor, Kenneth N. Bible
Living Bread Merton, Thomas Eucharist; Holy communion
Living Faith Day by Day Farrington, Debra Spiritual life - Christianity
Living flame of love John of the Cross, St. Mysticism
Living in the spirit Hosmer, Rachel Spiritual Life
Living Jesus: learning the heart of the gospel Johnson, Luke Timothy Jesus Christ
Living prayer Bloom, Anthony Spiritual Life
Living reminder , The Nouwen, Henri J.M. Spiritual Life
Living the creed Cowley, Patrick Apostles' Creed
Living thought of St. Paul , The Montague, George T. New Testament: criticism
Living today for God Roger, Brother Ethics
Living Together in the Church: including our differe Dunn, Greig Homosexuality
Living Tradition: afffirming Catholicism in the Angl John, Jeffrey Anglo-Catholicism
Looking Before and After Oppenheimer, Helen Lent
Looking in the Distance: the human search for meanin Holloway, Richard Meaning (Philosophy)
Lord's Supper , The Barclay, William Eucharist; Holy communion
Lord, I Believe Farrer, Austin Creeds
Losing Moses on the Freeway Hedges, Chris Ten commandments
Love almighty and ills unlimited Farrer, Austin Good and evil
Love in the words & life of Jesus Dineen, Michael P. Devotional
Love is more than words Wiesinger, S. Pastoral
Love is Stronger Kreeft, Peter J. Future life
Love so amazing Salmon, Frank Christian teaching: 20th century
Love Took My Hand - the spirituality of George Herbe Sheldrake, Philip George, Herbert
Love's fulfillment Andrew, Father Spiritual Life
Love, Power & Justice Tillich, Paul Christianity: philosophy
Luke Drury, John Bible: NT commentaries
Made for Happiness; discovering the meaning ---Arist Vanier, Jean Happiness
Maker and Craftsman: the Story of Dorothy L. Sayers Dale, Alzina Stone Dorothy L., Sayers
Making a Rule of Life Gaskell, John Christian life
Making men whole Phillips, J.B. Christian teaching: 20th century
Man & woman He made them Vanier, Jean Mentally handicapped: sexual behaviour
Man and his mission , A Bell, Ken Missions
Man born to be king , The Sayers, Dorothy L. Jesus Christ
Man for all seasons , A Bolt, Robert Drama
Man on a donkey , The Prescott, H.F.M. Fiction
Manual for Holy Week , A Jones, C.P.M. Holy Week
Manual of Catholic devotion , A Liturgy
Manual of Eastern Orthodox prayers , A Liturgy
Many dimensions Williams, Charles Fiction
Many Mansions:---medieval theology west and east Bell, David N. Theology: doctrinal
Map of the New Country , A Maitland, Sara Ecclesiology
Marginal Catholics - anglo-Catholicism Clutterbuck, Ivan Anglo-Catholicism
Markings Hammerskjold, Dag Devotional
Mary Magdalen: myth and metaphor Haskins, Susan Mary Magdalene, Saint
Mary Myth: on the Feminity of Mary Greeley, Andrew M. Virgin Mary
Mary of Canada - the Virgin Mary in Canadian culture Skogan, Joan Blessed Virgin, Mary, Saint
Mary Through the Ages: Her Place in the History etc Pelikan, Jaroslav Blessed Virgin, Mary, Saint
Mary, Mother of reconciliations Teresa, Calcutta Virgin Mary
Mary: a Marian anthology Murray, Patrick J. Virgin Mary
Mass in slow motion , The Knox, Ronald A. Eucharist; Holy communion
Massbook for Ireland , The Watson, Noel Liturgy
Master of time , The Warren, Max Devotional
Master's men , The Barclay, William Apostles & disciples
Matter of eternity , A Sayers, Dorothy L. Future life
Matthew, the teacher's gospel Minear, Paul S. Bible: NT criticism
Meaning and end of religion , The Smith, Wilfred C. Philosophy & religion
Meaning of Jesus - two visions, The Borg, Marcus J. Jesus Christ - Person and Offices
Meaning of Jesus: two visions, The Wright, Nicholas Thomas Jesus Christ - Person and Offices
Meaning of person , The Tournier, Paul Personality
Meaning of ritual , The Mitchell, Leonel L. Rites and ceremonies
Meaning of suffering , The Sockman, Ralph W. Spiritual healing
Medieval church , The Baldwin, Marshall W. Church history
Meditations Bloom, Anthony Jesus Christ: parables
Meditations before mass Guardini, Romano Devotional
Meditations for everyman McSorley, Joseph Meditations
Meditations of the emperor Marcus Aurelius Long, George Philosophy
Meditations on a theme Bloom, Anthony Devotional
Meditations on the temptations & Passion Brown, Raymond E. Meditations
Meet the Quakers Quakers
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time Borg, Marcus J. Jesus Christ: historicity; person
Melody of life , The Andrew, Father Meditations
Memoir of the Rev. John Keble , A Coleridge, John T. Religious biography
Memories of Teilhard de Chardin De Terra, Helmut Religious biography
Men and angels Ward, Theodora Angels
Men who have walked with God Chaney, Sheldon Religious biography: various religions
Mending the Heart Claypool, John Suffering
Mending the Heart Claypool, John Grief
Mere Christianity Lewis, C. S. Apologetics
Merrily on high Stephenson, Colin Religious biography: Colin Stephenson
Merton: A Biography Furlong, Monica Religious biography
Methods of teaching religion to children Clark, Marjorie E.A. Religious education
Midwinter Spring Coupland, Susan Aged
Milieu divin , Le De Chardin, Teilhard Christian teaching: 20th century
Millenium myth, The Wright, Nicholas Thomas Milleneum
Mind of Jesus , The Barclay, William Jesus Christ
Mind of St. Paul , The Barclay, William New Testament: commentaries
Mind of the Maker , The Sayers, Dorothy L. God
Mind of the Oxford movement , The Chadwick, Owen Oxford Movement
Ministry of healing in the C of E , The Gusmer, Charles W. Illness & death
Ministry of Jesus , The Whiston, Charles F. Jesus Christ: public life
Miracles Lewis, C. S. Jesus Christ: miracles
Miracles of Jesus & the theology of miracles Latourelle, Rene Jesus Christ: miracles
Mirfield essays in Christian belief Theology: doctrinal
Miserable offenders Lewis, C. S. Prayers
Mixed blessings Taylor, Barbara Brown American, Sermons
Modern liturgical texts Church of England, Liturgical Commission Liturgy
Monastery Pennington, M. Basil Monasticism
Monastic achievement, The Zarnecki, George Monasticism
Monastic Diurnal , The Liturgy
Monastic journey to India Pennington, M. Basil Christian church: Southeast Asia
Monk and the World , The Dirks, Walter Monasticism
Monks and Civilization Decarreaux, Jean Monasticism
Moon of wintertime Grant, John W. Missions
More prayers for the plain man Barclay, William Prayers
More than fame Wice, Aubrey Faith
More than We Can Ask or Imagine Hunt, Desmond Bible: NT Gospels - criticism
Morning answer, A Fandel, John Prayer
Moses and monotheism Freud, Sigmund Religious mythology
Most comfortable Sacrament , The Kennedy, James W. Eucharist, Holy Communion
Mother Teresa Doig, Desmond Mother, Teresa of Calcutta
Much beloved daughter Harrison, Ted Religious biography
Murder before Mattins Reeves, John Fiction
My God Thornton, Martin Experience (Religion)
My Jerusalem Drainie, Bronwyn Jerusalem
My meditations on Saint Paul Sullivan, James E. St. Paul
My search for absolutes Tillich, Paul Christianity: philosophy
My Soul in Silence Waits: ---Psalm 62 Guenther, Margaret Bible: O.T. Psalms
Mysticism Happold, F.C. Mysticism
Mysticism in religion Inge, William R. Mysticism
Mystics of the Church Underhill, Evelyn Mysticism
Myth and Christian belief Duggan, William J. Mythology
Myth of God incarnate , The Hick, John Jesus Christ: divinity
Myth, history and faith Kelsey, Morton T. Mythology
Namibia Winter, Colin O'Brien Africa: Race question
Narnian Jacobs, Alan C.S., Lewis
Narratives of the Passion , The Ramsey, Arthur Michael Jesus Christ: Passion
nativity no, author Jesus Christ - Nativity