Parish Library

St. Thomas's Parish Library is located in the parish hall. It is open on Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. All parishioners have borrowing privileges. Borrowing is on an honour system. 

About the Library

In April 2017, after a number of years of being unavailable, the St. Thomas's library opened once again.

David Jones of the library committee has completely recatalogued and computerized the collection. After a visit to an admirable church library at St. James Humber Bay, the committee decided to purchase ResourceMate, a popular library-management system that will serve us well into the future. Not only did it aid David in his recataloguing, giving him access to the records of the Library of Congress and other sources, but it will also allow us to manage our own records and handle circulation through a bar-code system as we grow the collection. David has input each volume in the system, assigning the bar codes and applying them to the books. He has also applied very handsome plastic protective covers to most of the volumes. Over the year of his labours, David has rediscovered a love of cataloguing, dormant since his library-school days. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The library committee – parishioners David Jones, Pat Kennedy, Jeff Creighton, Felicity Pickup (pictured at right, checking out a book for Bonnie McKenzie), and Catherine Spence, library-science graduates all – are staffing the library every Sunday after the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services (with possible reduced hours in the summer). Please drop by and browse the collection. We welcome questions and suggestions.

While we welcome donations, given our space and efforts to represent various areas, we must reserve the right to be selective. Our main aim is to present a collection that provides parishioners with titles that will support them in living as Christians and understanding both their Christian faith and its Anglican expression. We will also do what we can to respond to the needs of church-related courses and discussions.

Check it out (literally)!

– Pat Kennedy

Notes on the Collection

The collection is an interesting one. It contains Biblical, historical theology and spirituality-prayer material. Notably, there is a great selection of biography of leaders of the church throughout history, ranging from Merton to Melancthon. We do have an excellent representation of Anglican leaders and thinkers. We are strong in the topics of historical theology and biography, and prayer and spirituality.


If you would like to donate to the library, please contact the church office at and we will arrange to meet you.


The Parish Library Catalogue

Title Author Subject
Nature & authority of the Bible , The Abba, Raymond Bible
Nature of Christian belief Church of England Doctrine: Anglican communion
Nature of personality Temple, William Christianity: philosophy
Naught for your comfort Huddleston, Trevor South Africa: social conditions
New American Bible , The Bible
New and contrite hearts Pardue, Austin Christian teaching: 20th century
New catechism , A Catechisms
New Catechism , The Catechism
New Christianity for a New World Spong, John Shelby Christianity
New English Bible companion to New Testament Harvey, A.E. Bible: NT commentaries
New English Bible with the Apocrypha Bible
New English Bible: NT , The Bible
New Eusebius , A Stevenson, J. Church history
New Guide to Florence Travel & description
New heaven , A Holloway, Richard Jesus Christ: Passion
New man , The Merton, Thomas Meditations
New Oxford Annotated Bible Metzger, Bruce M. Bible - Criticism, etc., interpretation
New Oxford Annotated Bible: NRSV Bible
New Oxford Book of Christian Verse Davie, Donald Poetry
New Oxford Book of Verse Davie, Donald Poetry
New Reformation? , The Robinson, John A.T. Theology
New song, A Karon, Jan Fiction
New Testament + Psalms and Proverbs , The Guideons Int'l Bible
New Testament Christianity Phillips, J.B. Faith
New Testament Octapla Weigle, Luther A. Bible: NT commentaries
New Testament of our Lord and Saviour , The Bible
New Testament with pictures , The Bible
Newman Chadwick, Owen Religious biography
Nicholas Ferrar of Little Gidding Maycock, A.L. Religious biography
Night and nothing , The Webbe, Gale D. Belief & doubt
Night's Child Jennings, Maureen Fiction
No man is an island Merton, Thomas Mysticism
No other gods Penfield, Wilder Fiction
No Rusty Swords Bonhoeffer, Dietrich Church history
Not an easy choice McDonnell, Kathleen Abortion
Notebooks of Florence Allshorn , The Allshorn, Florence Meditations
Nothing to fear Williams, H.C.N. Apologetics
Novels of Charles Kingsley , The Hartley, Allan J. Theology: social
Now is the accepted time Bayne, Stephen Devotional
Objections to Christian belief Apologetics
Oceans of Grief and healing waters Haggerty, Marian Jean Grief
Of the imitation of Christ Thomas a Kempis Christian life
Offering of man , The Blamires, Harry Sermons
Old law and the new law , The Barclay, William Ethics
Old Sarum, Wiltshire Bushe-Fox, J.P. Churches
Old Testament , The LeGrow, A.B. Old Testament
Old testament - the significance of Jesus Holmgren, Fredrick C. Jesus Christ - Person and Offices
Old Testament of the Jerusalem Bible , The Jones, Alexander Old Testament
Old Time Religion or Risky Faith Bothwell, John Ecclesiology
On becoming a musical, mystical bear Fox, Matthew Spiritual Life
On being a Christian Kung, Hans Apologetics
On Christian doctrine Augustine, St. Theology: doctrinal
On first principles Origen of Alexandria Christianity: philosophy
On Forgiveness Holloway, Richard Forgiveness
On free choice of will Augustine, St. Theology: doctrinal
On the love of God De Sales, St. Francis Christian life
On the Way to Jesus Christ Ratzinger, Joseph Jesus Christ
One body, one spirit Corbishley, Thomas Eucharist; Holy communion
One genius , The Farrer, Austin Devotional
One Hundred Miracles Calderhead, Christopher Miracles
One increasing purpose Neill, Stephen Lent
One man's journal O'Driscoll, Herbert Devotional
Only necessary thing, The Nouwen, Henri J.M. Prayer
Open heaven , The Cadman, William H. Bible: NT commentaries
Open Mind, Open Heart Keating, Thomas Contemplation
Open mind, open heart Keating, Thomas Prayer
Open spirit Boros, Ladislaus Christianity: philosophy
Open view , An Bothwell, John Devotional
Opening to God Green, Thomas H. Prayer
Ordinal: an exposition , The Parsons, Martin Holy orders
Ordination of women to the priesthood , The Ecclesiology
Ordination of women: pro & con , The Ecclesiology
Organic prayer Roth, Nancy Prayer
Organs of Toronto Jackson, Alan Organ (Musical Instrument)
Origin of Satan , The Pagels, Elaine Devil: Biblical Teaching
Origin of Satan, The Elaine, Pagels Anti-Semiticism
Original blessing Fox, Matthew Spiritual Life
Origins of Christianity Brown, Schyler Christianity - Origin
Origins of MuslimTerrorism---Contemporary Muslim --- Cole, Juan Islam
Orthodox liturgy , The Liturgy
Orthodoxy Chesterton, G.K. Christianity: philosophy
Other side of silence , The Kelsey, Morton T. Meditations
Other Voices, Other Worlds: global church---homosexu Brown, Terry Homosexuality
Our Christian heritage Dawley, Powel Mills Church history
Our December hearts McConney, Anne Christmas meditations
Our December hearts McConney, Anne Advent meditations
Our faith Thurian, Max Theology: doctrinal
Our mother's song (the psalter) Palmer, Roland F. Old Testament: commentaries
Out of Nazareth Baillie, Donald M. Sermons
Out to Canaan Karon, Jan Fiction
Over to you Reindorp, George Christian teaching: 20th century
Owl and the nightingale , The Stone, Brian Poetry
Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha May, Herbert G. Bible
Oxford apostles Faber, Geoffrey Oxford Movement
Oxford Bible atlas May, Herbert G. Bible: geography
Oxford book of prayer , The Appleton, George Prayers
Oxford Companion to Christian Thought Hastings, Adrian Theology
Oxford Companion to the Bible Metzger, Bruce M. Bible: dictionaries
Oxford Dictionary of Christian Saints Farmer, David Hugh Christian Saints
Oxford Dictionary of the Bible Browning, W.R.F. Bible: dictionaries
Oxford dictionary of the Christian church Cross, F.L. Christianity: dictionaries
Oxford Dictionary of the Saints Farmer, David H. Saints
Oxford Guide to the Book of Common Prayer Hefling, Charles Book of Common Prayer: commentaries
Oxford Illustrated History of the Bible Rogerson, John Bible: history, geography
Oxford movement , The Church, R.W. Oxford Movement
Oxford Movement: a thematic history of the tractaria Faught, C. Brad Oxford Movement
Papal sin: structures of deceit Wills, Gary Catholic Church
Parables of the Kingdom , The Dodd, C. H. Jesus Christ: parables
Paradise tree , The Vann, Gerald Mysticism
Parent educator guide for A Time for living O'Toole, Eileen Religious education
Parish and Cathedral of St. James, Toronto, 1797-199 Cooke, William St.James Cathedral, Toronto
Parish churches Cox, J.C. Church architecture
Parish churches of England , The Cox, J.C. Church architecture
Partners in the Dance: Stories of Canadian Women Bays, Patricia Ecclesiology
Passion drama , The Bishop, Hugh Jesus Christ: Passion
Passiontide Pearson, Brian E. Fiction
Passover meal: a ritual for Christian homes Hynes, Arleen Judaism & Christianity
Path of the eternal wisdom , The Cordelier, John Jesus Christ: Passion
Paths in spirituality Macquarrie, John Christian teaching: 20th century
Paul - a very short introduction Sanders, E.P. St. Paul
Paul Tillich in Catholic thought O'Meara, Thomas F. Theology: Paul Tillich
Paul, envoy extraordinary Muggeridge, Malcolm St. Paul
Paul: his story Murphy-Oconnor, Jerome St. Paul
Paul: portait of a revolutionary Coggan, Donald Bible: NT biography
Peake's commentary on the Bible Peake, Arthur S. Bible: concordances & indexes
Penguin dictionary of Saints , The Attwater, Donald Saints
People's Anglican missal in the American edition Liturgy
People's life of Christ , A Paterson-Smyth, J. Jesus Christ: biography
Person reborn , The Tournier, Paul Illness & death
Personal religion & the life of devotion Inge, William R. Spiritual Life
Personalities of the passion Weatherhead, Leslie D. Devotional
Perspectives on 19th & 20th Century Protestantism Tillich, Paul Protestantism
Phenomenon of Christian belief , The Lampe, G.W.H. Faith
Phenomenon of man , The De Chardin, Teilhard Humanity
Philosophy for a time of crisis Koch, Adrienne Philosophy
Philosophy of Aristotle , The Creed, J.L. Philosophy
Pilgrim ??? Fuller, Reginald H. Fiction
Pilgrim's Manual to the Shrine Our Lady of Walsingham Devotional
Pilgrim's progress , The Bunyan, John Religious literature
Pilgrim's Regress , The Lewis, C. S. Religious literature
Pio Nono Hales, E.E.Y. Religious biography: Pius IX
Pioneer Churches de Visser, John Church architecture
Place for you: psychology & religion , A Tournier, Paul Psychology & religion
Place of reason in Christian apologetics Hodgson, Leonard Apologetics
Place of the lion , The Williams, Charles Fiction
Plain Christianity Phillips, J. B. Theology - Addresses and Essays
Plain man look at the Lord's Prayer , The Barclay, William Worship
Plain man looks at himself , The Purcell, William Spiritual Life
Plain man looks at the Apostles' Creed , The Barclay, William Apostles' Creed
Plain man looks at the beatitudes , The Barclay, William Bible: NT commentaries
Plain man looks at the Bible , The Neil, William Bible
Plain man's book of prayers , The Barclay, William Prayers
Plain man's guide to ethics Barclay, William Ten commandments
Poems Lewis, C. S. Poetry
Portrait of a woman O'Driscoll, Herbert Virgin Mary
Portraits of Jesus: Mark Guttler, Michele Bible: NT criticism
Poverty in Canada Drainville, Dennis Poverty: Canada
Power to serve Alexander, Charles Gifts: spiritual
Practical Prayer: making space for God in everyday l Tanner, Anne Prayer
Practice of confession , The Harton, Sibyl Confession
Practice of prayer, The Guenther, Margaret Prayer
Practice of the presence of God , The Lawrence, Brother Meditations
Practicing resurrection Gallagher, Nora Spiritual life - Christianity
Practicing resurrection Gallagher, Norah Bereavement
Prayer and contemplation Llewelyn, Robert Prayer
Prayer and modern man Ellul, Jacques Prayer
Prayer Companion: a Treasury of Personal meditation Lawrence, Judith Prayers
Prayer in practice Tugwell, Simon Prayer
Prayer in your life Southgate, Trevor Spiritual Life
Prayer manual , The MacNutt, Francis B. Book of Common Prayer
Prayer of Jesus , The Corbishley, Thomas Prayer
Prayer of the presence of God , The Guillerand, Dom Agustin Devotional
Prayer: a history Zaleski, Philip Prayer
Prayer: living with God Tugwell, Simon Prayer
Prayers Quoist, Michael Prayer
Prayers for all occasions no, author Prayers
Prayers for help and healing Barclay, William Spiritual healing
Prayers for the Christian year Barclay, William Prayers
Prayers for use at the alternative services Silk, David Prayers
Prayers from the ark De Gasztold, Carmen Prayers
Prayers from the Psalms McEvoy, Hubert Prayers
Prayers in large print Constance, Sister Prayers
Prayers of the New Testament , The Coggan, Donald Bible: NT criticism
Praying church , The Hultstrand, Donald M. Prayer
Praying the Hours Guthrie, Suzanne Meditations
Praying to the Lord of life O'Driscoll, Herbert Prayers
Praying while you work Von Zeller, Hubert Prayer
Preaching Life Taylor, Barbara Brown Sermons
Preces privatae of Lancelot Andrewes , The Brightman, F.E. Prayers
Preparing for baptism Ross, Robert Sacraments
Presence of absence - on prayers & an epiphany Grumbach, Doris Prayer
Presence of absence - on prayers & an epiphany Grumbach, Doris Spiritual Life
Prey of the priest catchers , The Knowles, Leo Catholics: England
Primitive Christianity in its Comtemporary Setting Bultmann, Rudolf Philosophy: Christian
Primitive church , The Streeter, Burnett H. Church history
Principles of Christian Theology Macquarrie, John Theology: doctrine
Private house of prayer , A Weatherhead, Leslie D. Devotional
Problem of evil , The Whale, J.S. Good & Evil
Problem of pain , The Lewis, C. S. Devotional
Procession of Passion prayers , A Milner-White, Eric Prayers