Parish Library

St. Thomas's Parish Library is located in the parish hall. It is open on Sundays after the 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. services. All parishioners have borrowing privileges. Borrowing is on an honour system. 

About the Library

In April 2017, after a number of years of being unavailable, the St. Thomas's library opened once again.

David Jones of the library committee has completely recatalogued and computerized the collection. After a visit to an admirable church library at St. James Humber Bay, the committee decided to purchase ResourceMate, a popular library-management system that will serve us well into the future. Not only did it aid David in his recataloguing, giving him access to the records of the Library of Congress and other sources, but it will also allow us to manage our own records and handle circulation through a bar-code system as we grow the collection. David has input each volume in the system, assigning the bar codes and applying them to the books. He has also applied very handsome plastic protective covers to most of the volumes. Over the year of his labours, David has rediscovered a love of cataloguing, dormant since his library-school days. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

The library committee – parishioners David Jones, Pat Kennedy, Jeff Creighton, Felicity Pickup (pictured at right, checking out a book for Bonnie McKenzie), and Catherine Spence, library-science graduates all – are staffing the library every Sunday after the 9:30 and 11 a.m. services (with possible reduced hours in the summer). Please drop by and browse the collection. We welcome questions and suggestions.

While we welcome donations, given our space and efforts to represent various areas, we must reserve the right to be selective. Our main aim is to present a collection that provides parishioners with titles that will support them in living as Christians and understanding both their Christian faith and its Anglican expression. We will also do what we can to respond to the needs of church-related courses and discussions.

Check it out (literally)!

– Pat Kennedy

Notes on the Collection

The collection is an interesting one. It contains Biblical, historical theology and spirituality-prayer material. Notably, there is a great selection of biography of leaders of the church throughout history, ranging from Merton to Melancthon. We do have an excellent representation of Anglican leaders and thinkers. We are strong in the topics of historical theology and biography, and prayer and spirituality.


If you would like to donate to the library, please contact the church office at and we will arrange to meet you.


The Parish Library Catalogue

Title Author Subject
Prophets , The Kraeling, Emil G. Old Testament: prophets
Protestantism Dunston, J.L. Protestantism
Psalms Chouraqui, Andre Bible: O.T. Psalms
Psalms Come Alive , The Eaton, John Old Testament: commentaries
Psalms then and now Palmer, Roland F. Old Testament: commentaries
Psalms: singing version , The Gelineau, Joseph Old Testament
Publicans and sinners Herklots, H.G.G. Jesus Christ: public life
Pusey Prestige, Leonard Religious biography
Pusey rediscovered Butler, Perry Religious biography
Question of Anglican orders , The Dix, Gregory Apologetics
Question of God: C.S. Lewis & Sigmund Freud Nicholi, Armand M. God
Rabbi Jesus: an intimate biography Chilton, Bruce Jesus Christ - Jewishness
Rachel weeping Burtchaell, James T. Abortion
Raindrops of my life: Memoirs Florence Tim-Oi, Li Women Priests
Raising funds and building faith Berryman, Richard Finance: Anglican Church of Canada
Raphael Bible , The Godden, Rumer Art
Re-enchantment of everyday life, The Moore, Thomas Spiritual Life
Reader in contemporary theology , A Bowden, John S. Theology: doctrinal
Readiness and decency Palmer, Roland F. Eucharist; Holy communion
Reading Judas: Gospel of Judas and the shaping--- Pagels, Elaine Judas
Reading the Bible Again for the First Time Borg, Marcus J. Bible - Criticism, etc., interpretation
Readings in St John's Gospel Temple, William Bible: NT criticism
Real Jesus: the Misguided Quest , The Johnson, Luke Timothy Jesus Christ: biography
Reason to live! A reason to die! , A Purcell, John Liturgy
Rebirth of images , A Farrer, Austin New Testament: commentaries
Recent discoveries and the Biblical world Brown, Raymond E. Bible: authority, evidences
Reconciliation: preparing for confession Smith, Martin L. Confession
Reconciliation: preparing for confession in the Epis Smith, Martin L. Confession
Recovery of unity , The Mascall, Eric L. Christian unity
Rediscovering the parables Jeremias, Joachim Jesus Christ: parables
Reflecting the Glory: Bible readings and reflections Wright, Tom Lent
Reflection on the psalms Lewis, C. S. Old Testament: commentaries
Reflections on growing old LaFarge, John Aged
Reflections on the beatitudes Tugwell, Simon Jesus Christ: teachings
Reflections on the Puritan Revolution Rowse, A.L. Arts: political aspects
Reflective faith Farrer, Austin Christianity: philosophy
Reformation , The Chadwick, Owen Church history
Reformation - Europe's house divided MacCulloch, Diarmaid Reformation
Reformation England Kesteven, G. R. Church history
Reformation in England , The d'Aubigne, J. H. Merle Church history
Reformation of the sixteenth century , The Bainton, Roland H. Church history
Reformations: a radical interpretation of Christiani Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe Reformation
Reimagining Christianity: reconnect your spirit --- Jones, Alan W. Spiritual life - Christianity
Religio Medici Browne, Sir Thomas Devotional
Religion and international affairs Rose, Jeffrey Social theologies
Religion in the Secular City Cox, Harvey Theology - 20th Century
Religion of the Prayer Book , The Pell, Walden Book of Common Prayer
Religious communities of the Anglican communion Monasticism
Religious Drama: W. H. Auden, Christopher Fry, etc Religious drama
Religious experience Temple, William Theology - Addresses and Essays
Religious life , The Edna Mary, Sr. Monasticism
Religious Right in the U.S. Halton, David Fundamentalism
Renewal in worship Marshall, Michael Worship
Report of the Anglo-Catholic congress, 1920 Doctrine: Anglican communion
Report of the Anglo-Catholic congress, 1923 Doctrine: Anglican communion
Report of the Anglo-Catholic congress, 1927 Doctrine: Anglican communion
Report of the Anglo-Catholic congress, 1930 Doctrine: Anglican communion
Reservation, its purpose and method Alcuin Club Eucharist; Holy communion
Restless heart , The Marshall, Michael Religious biography: St. Augustine
Restoring the Vision Tucker, Graham Church renewal
Resurrection Williams, Rowan Jesus Christ: resurrection
Resurrection of Christ , The Ramsey, Arthur Michael Jesus Christ: resurrection
Resurrection of the Son of God Wright, Nicholas Thomas Bible: NT Theology
Resurrection: myth or reality? A Bishop's Search Spong, John Shelby Jesus Christ - Resurrection
Resurrection: truth and reality: reply to Bp. Spong Barnett, Paul Resurrection
Retreat for beginners Knox, Ronald A. Devotional
Retreat for priests , A Knox, Ronald A. Devotional
Retreat in slow motion Knox, Ronald A. Devotional
Revelation Beasley-Murray, G.R. New Testament: commentaries
Revelation Sansom, C.J. Fiction
Revelation of John Glasson, T.F. Bible: NT commentaries
Revelation of John , The Barclay, William Bible: NT commentaries
Revelation of women mystics De Vinck, Jose Spiritual Life
Revelations of divine love Julian of Norwich Mysticism
Revelations: the Clergy Questioned Loudon, Mary Clergy: Anglican communion
Ring of truth Phillips, J.B. Bible
Rise of Christianity , The Stark, Rodney Church history
Risk of the cross , The Grannis, J.C. Bible: NT criticism
Rites for a new age Ingham, Michael Book of Alternative Services
Ritual process , The Turner, Victor W. Rites and ceremonies
Ritual reason why , The Walker, Charles Liturgy
River within , The Bryant, Christopher Sermons
Robert Runcie Adrian, Hastings Robert - Biography, Runcie
Role of Women in St. Thomas's Church, April 1972 St. Thomas's Church, Report to St. Thomas's Church
Ronald Knox Waugh, Evelyn Religious biography
Roots of a radical Robinson, John A.T. Theology: doctrinal
Roots of Christian joy , The Van Kaan, Adrian Psychology & religion
Rosary: a Gospel prayer , The Harrington, W.J. Rosary
RSV handy concordance , The Bible: concordances
Rule and exercises of holy living , The Taylor, Jeremy Christian life
Rule of St. Benedict , The Meisel, A.C. Monasticism
Rule of Taize Brother Roger Monasticism
Ryrie study Bible , The Ryrie, Charles C. Bible: commentaries
Sacraments & prayer , The Trese, Leo J. Sacraments
Sacraments and liturgy Weil, Louis Sacraments
Sacred and secular Ramsey, Arthur Michael Christian life
Sacred and secular: a companion Fox, Adam Church Year
Sacred journey , The Buechner, Frederick Religious biography
Sacrifice and priesthood Gayford, S.C. Christology
Said or Sung Farrer, Austin Sermons
Saint Alban's Cathedral Churches
Saint Benedict Lindsay, T.F. Religious biography
Saint Edmundsbury Cathedral Churches
Saint Paul Maritain, Jacques New Testament: commentaries
Saint Thomas Aquinas Maritain, Jacques Religious biography
Saint Thomas Aquinas: the dumb ox Chesterton, G.K. Religious biography
Saints , The Simon, Edith Saints
Saints alive Fremantle, Anne Religious biography
Saints for now Luce, Clare Boothe Religious biography
Saints, signs & symbols Post, Ellwood Christian art & symbolism
Salvation history and the commandments Trese, Leo J. Salvation
Sanctuaries: a guide to lodgings in U.S. monasteries Kelly, Jack Monasteries; Abbeys; Retreats
Sanctuaries: complete United States, a guide to lodg Kelly, Jack Monasteries
Saving belief Farrer, Austin Apologetics
Saviour of the world Wilson, Theodora Jesus Christ: biography
School for prayer Bloom, Anthony Meditations
School of Charity Underhill, Evelyn Meditation
Science and Religion Rolston, Holmes Religion and science
Science of the Cross , The Stein, Edith St. John of the Cross
Screwtape letters , The Lewis, C. S. Ethics
Scripture and the faith Herbert, Arthur G. Bible: criticism
Scrolls from the Dead Sea , The Wilson, Edmund Bible: OT Hebrew texts
Search for God in time and memory Dunne, John S. God
Searching for God Hume, George B. Monasticism
Season for the spirit, A Smith, Martin L. Lent
Season with the Savior , A Sims, Edward R. Meditations
Seasons of life , The Tournier, Paul Psychology: religious
Secret of the Rosary , The De Montfort, St. Louis Theology
Secular city , The Cox, Harvey Urban community & theology
Seeing beyond Depression Vanier, Jean Depression (Psychology)
Seeking God the Benedictine way de Waal, Esther Spiritual Life
Seeking God: the way of St. Benedict de Waal, Esther Benedictines
Seeking Salvation: history of the Black church- Cana Daniels, Philip Blacks - Canada
seeking the seekers - serving the hidden spiritual q MacLean, Paul Church renewal
seeking the seekers - serving the hidden spiritual q Thompson, Michael James Church renewal
Selected letters Von Hugel, Friederich Letters
Selected Prose of Christina Rosetti Rosetti, Christina Christina, Rosetti
Serious call to a devout & holy life , A Law, William Devotional
Sermon on the mount , The Davies, W.D. Bible: NT criticism
Sermons for the Christian Year (6 volumes) Keble, John Sermons
Sermons of John Donne , The Gill, Theodore Sermons
Sermons on the nativity Andrew, Father Sermons
Sermons: Biblical wisdom for daily living (2 audio t Gomes, Peter J. Sermons
Servers & services Dunn, Greig Liturgy
Setting our sights by the morning star Hart, Hendrik Bible: criticism
Seven to flee, seven to follow Holloway, Richard Good and evil
Shadows of ecstasy Williams, Charles Fiction
Shaking a Fist at God Dell, Katharine Suffering
Shaking a Fist at God Dell, Katharine Bible: O.T. Job
Shaking of the foundations , The Tillich, Paul Sermons
Shalom: Peace Haring, Bernard Confession
Shape of the Litergy Dix, Gregory Liturgy
Shape of the Litergy Dix, Gregory Liturgy
Shape of the Liturgy Dom Gregory, Dix Liturgy
Shape of the liturgy Dix, Gregory Liturgy
Sharing our Biblical story Russell, Joseph P. Religious education
Sharing the vision Cheney, Ruth Theology
Short History of Myth Armstrong, Karen Mythology
Short history of the English Reformation , A Crosse, Gordon Church history
Short history of the Oxford Movement , A Ollard, S.L. Oxford Movement
Showing forth of Christ , The Fuller, Edmund Sermons
Shroud of Turin Wilson, Ian Holy Shroud
Sign of Jonas , The Merton, Thomas Meditations
Sign of the cross , The Seeley, R.S.K. Devotional
Signs of glory Holloway, Richard Bible: NT criticism
Signs of his coming Poovey, W.A. Drama
Simply Christian: why Christianity makes sense Wright, Nicholas Thomas Christianity
Singers of Israel Gunn, George Sinclair Old Testament: commentaries
Sins of the Saints Rosenthal, G.D. Sins
Sister death Whitaker, O'Kelley Future life
Sisterhood of Saint John the Divine , The Monasticism
Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millenia McNamara, Jo Ann Monasticism
Sixty post-war churches Church architecture
Something Beautiful for God Muggeridge, Malcolm Religious biography
Sometimes God has a kid's face Ritter, Bruce Child welfare
Son of man , The Mauriac, Francois Christology
Son's course , The Vann, Gerald Devotional
Song of the three holy children , The Bible: apocrypha
Songs of the faith Liturgy
Soul friend Leech, Kenneth Pastoral
Sovereign Sansom, C.J. Fiction
Space of joy Eggees, William T. Prayers
Speaking Grief in English Literary Culture Swiss, Margo Grief in Literature
Speaking Grief in English Literary Culture Kent, David A. English Literature - History and Critic
Speaking of Sin: the lost language of salvation Taylor, Barbara Brown Sin
Spiral Staircase; my climb out of darkness Armstrong, Karen Spiritual Biography
Spirit of counsel , The Israel, Martin Pastoral
Spirit of flame Peers, E. Allison John of the cross
Spirit of glory , The Drake, F. Holy Spirit
Spiritual canticle John of the Cross Mysticism
Spiritual combat Scupoli, Lorenzo Christian life
Spiritual direction and meditation Merton, Thomas Christian life
Spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius Ignatius, St. Devotional
Spiritual history of Israel , The Jocz, J. Bible: OT history of Biblical event
Spiritual Intimacy and Community: an Ignatian view-- English, John Spiritual life - Christianity
Spiritual Lemons; Biblical Women, Irreverent etc Brakeman, Lyn Women in the Bible
Spiritual letters of Father Congreve Longridge, W.H. Spiritual Life
Spiritual letters of Father Hughson Hughson, Shirley Religious biography
Spiritual Life , The Underhill, Evelyn Mysticism
Spiritual Life of Children , The Coles, Robert Spiritual Life