Parish Mission

In 1911, when the Church building was 18 years old, this parish invited two members of the Community of the Resurrection, also known as the Mirfield Fathers, to undertake a Parish Mission, a time of preaching, worship and prayer.  This order was founded in 1892, as one attempt to reintroduce religious communities into the Anglican Church.  This energetic and innovative group of men were dedicated to preaching and pastoral work, and played a leading part in the growing and lively Anglo-Catholic Movement.

This year on November 23, 24 & 25 there will be another Parish Mission led by Fr George Westhaver, the Principal of the Anglo-Catholic chaplaincy at Oxford University, Pusey House. Fr Westhaver will explore the Oxford Movement and help us think about how our Parish can be as creative and vital in living the Catholic Faith in this Century as our forbearers were in past ones.