Reign of Christ


Reign of Christ or Christ the King Sunday is a relatively new observance. It does not bear the history of many long-held church traditions such as All Saints or Christmas or Easter and does not possess the deep and traditional biblical backing of these celebrations. When Pope Pius XI brought Christ the King Sunday into the Roman Catholic church's liturgical year in 1925, he was attempting to do several things, but mainly to advance the message of God in Christ over and against that of the political forces moving in the world at that time.

We celebrate and underscore the sovereignty of Christ over and above all earthly rulers. We also affirm Christ's teachings and example, and covenant with one another to express Christ's values in ways that point toward his vision of a just and peaceful world.  We also affirm through this observance that our ultimate loyalty is not to earthly potentates but to the Prince of Peace, and we pray and work for Christ's kingdom to come on earth.

9:30 am Choral Eucharist (Book of Alternative Services rite)

Homily: The Rector

Music to be decided

11:00 am Solemn Eucharist (Book of Common Prayer rite)

Homily: The Rector

Organ Prelude: Improvisation on "Christus Vincit"
Music of the Mass: Messe Solennelle - Louis Vierne
Motet: Let all mortal flesh keep silence - Edward Bairstow
Organ Postlude: Finale (Symphonie 1) - Louis Vierne

7:00 pm Solemn Evensong & Devotions

Organ Prelude: Intermezzo - Richard Popplewell
Canticles: Edington Service - Grayston Ives
Anthem: Blessed be the God and Father - S. S. Wesley
Motet: We wait for thy loving kindness - William McKie
Organ Postlude: Paean - Kenneth Leighton