The Society of Mary

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The Society of Mary meets approximately once a month on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm at St Thomas's. The evening begins with fellowship and study in the parish hall, and is followed by the saying of the Rosary and Benediction in the church (at approxiamtely 7:30 pm). ALL ARE WELCOME.

General Information

The Society has members all over the world and is not restricted to Anglicans alone. Mary is the only human being to have known our Saviour from the first moment of his Incarnation until his Ascension into Heaven. The Society endeavours to promote the different aspects of devotion to Mary, to foster a true understanding of the place of Mary in a faithful Christian's life. Members see the veneration of the Blessed Virgin as one way in which the cause of Christian unity may be advanced.

In our ward, the ward chaplain organizes meetings, usually held at one of the downtown Anglo-Catholic parishes. There is a mass, followed by a meeting and light refreshments. Occasionally, there are lectures or video presentations, or the recitation of the rosary. The Society plans visits to other parishes and Marian shrines.

May is devoted to the May Festival, and each Saturday during May there is a mass with guest homilist at various churches, followed by refreshments. The final Saturday mass is held at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene annually, and includes an outdoor procession.

For more information, contact Michael Degan, regional secretary, at 416-249-3917.