St. Agnes Guild

St. Agnes Guild was founded by the Sisters of St. John the Divine in the 1920s principally as a bible study and intercessions group. While it has always seemed to be a group that attracted women free during the day, men are always welcome to join.

Study of the Bible is the primary activity. The present leader is Fr. Freeland who explains and teaches in his usual entertaining and knowledgeable way. Overarching the study is the care and love members feel for each other and the very real pleasure of being in each other's company.

Meetings are held on alternate Tuesdays. Members attend the 12:15 p.m. noon Eucharist and then gather in the parish hall for a brown bag lunch followed by an approximately half-hour bible study.

For further information, contact Fr. Freeland at (416) 461-7025 or Doreen Stanton at (416) 229-0656.